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Teen Boutique

Teen Boutique is a series of small-scale free shopping events held seasonally in partnership with area schools, community centers and non-profits for teens ages 13-19 from families in financial need. 


Each teen receives a certificate upon arrival and is empowered to choose and take home a week’s worth of clothing from age-appropriate excellent condition used and new clothing. They also receive their choice of menstrual products and a toiletry kit filled with full-size hygiene items.

Since our first event in 2012, more than 4,500 teens have benefited from Teen Boutique and taken home more than 100,000 items to wear and enjoy.  

How can you help?

Your donation of $50 "opens the door" to this event for a teen and allows them to choose a seasonal wardrobe. ​A gift of $10,000 sponsors our a seasonal series

Provide clothing - we need donations of seasonally appropriate clothing for teens, particularly in sizes medium through XXL as well as new socks, new underwear  and sports bras. Visit our Target registry for ideas or to purchase.


For more information, email us

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