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Volunteer of the Month - Sarah Osnoss

We are pleased to honor Sarah Osnoss as our Volunteer of the Month. She has become a regular face at our Clothing Bank and someone we rely on.

How did you learn about The Sharing Shelf?

I volunteered at a clothing bank in Charleston on a summer break and I loved it so I asked around to see if there was one in our area. My friend, Jamala, a social worker in White Plains told me great things about The Sharing Shelf.

What motivated you to get involved?

I have spent the last 9 years volunteering exclusively at my children’s schools. I felt that it was time to help other children. I fell in love with The Sharing Shelf during my first visit.

You have become one of our regulars, arranging days for your friends to come as a group and bringing your daughter after school - tell us why you want your daughter involved? Why your friends?

I bring my daughter to volunteer because I believe it is so important that we always look for ways to help others. My daughter really enjoys sorting clothing and creating outfits. She loves fashion and likes to create special, confidence boosting clothing packs for each child. My daughter takes pride in this work and it boosts her self esteem as well.

I have arranged for my friends to come because I want to see the wall of donations sorted! As a packer, I know what I need is in those bags. I just need more hands to find it. I also wanted to educate my friends about The Sharing Shelf. My friends are moms of young children and we all have so many clothes that our kids have outgrown.

You seem particularly drawn to The Sharing Shelf's Teen Boutique, if you didn't mention it earlier, what is it about this program that speaks to you

I am drawn to the The Sharing Shelf's Teen Boutique because of my past experience working in retail operations and merchandising. I am excited to turn the raw space into a beautiful “shopping” experience for teens while also organizing it as an efficient location to store clothing and pack bags.

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