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Teen Boutique 2019

We hosted our 15th Teen Boutique on Saturday, November 16th at the Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle in partnership with the Junior League of Westchester on the Sound. Over 250 low-income teenage girls arrived to shop. The Club became a shopping haven, it’s gym a welcoming paradise of color and selection.

More than 180 volunteers worked together to move, build and run the boutique (and clean up too!). Hundreds of additional volunteers conducted clothing drives, sorted and organized the donations, planned the event, solicited in-kind donations from area grocery and retail stores, created toiletry bags and recruited volunteers. 

Upon arrival at the event, each girl received a certificate allowing her to select a full wardrobe, including 12 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of leggings, shoes, a winter coat and much more. Volunteers assembled toiletry bags with full-size basics like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and packages of sanitary products and Revlon donated bonus goodies like nail polish and cosmetics.

“We had one teen arrive wearing only flip flops. It was 40 degrees outside and those were only shoes. She left wearing black boots,” said Deborah Blatt, the Program Director. “This event is so impactful for the girls. It gives them a chance to make choices and feel good about themselves while filling a critical need. It’s also moving for our volunteers. It’s a chance to directly impact the local community.”

Teen Boutique succeeds with the help of our partners and donors. We would like to thank our organizing committee members, the JLWOS and the BGCNR as well as: Collins Brothers Moving and Storage, who donated a truck and driver; Iona Preparatory School, whose students helped load, move and unload; Mast-Jagermeister employees who filled toiletry bags; Revlon and Ely Bar-Ness for a donation of cosmetics for each girl; Kendall Truman and friends who donated and filled toiletry bags; Nicola Lloyd and her Lion's Hearts group for filling toiletry bags; The Undies Project for donating new underwear; and Delivering Good for their donation of new clothing.

We extend our warmest appreciation for the many of you who organized drives, sorted clothing, and lent a hand to once again ensure the success of this special day.

We would like to thank our partners and donors:

Our next event will be April 25, 2020

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