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Order Out of Chaos Puts Children on Equal Footing

The Sharing Shelf's Backpacks to School initiative is built on a network of community partners all committed to the same goal - to ensure that all children and teens, regardless of economic circumstance, can enter the school doors with the tools they need.

We want to introduce you to one of our invaluable Backpacks to School partners - Order Out Of Chaos, founded by the indomitable and talented Leslie Josel. Order Out of Chaos makes award winning planners, books, products and other educational support tools to help students be their best.

For years, the students we serve have been receiving these high quality products too. Order Out of Chaos, again this summer, donated over 600 of their annual planners for each middle and high school backpack we pack. . Leslie shares our commitment to supporting families in the local community and, with her gift, we can provide children and teens with the very best, regardless of economic circumstances.

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