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Bring Warmth to Westchester Families

At this time of the year, we reflect on what we have accomplished, what we have to complete before the year ends, and the challenges ahead. We also turn to you, our supporters, and seek your support to carry us forward into the new year to meet the need.

Your financial gift allows us address clothing insecurity while meeting the essential needs of each child and teen we serve. Your donations ensure we can rise to the challenge and offer our services to children in every size, from the smallest and youngest to teens on the cusp of adulthood. When floodwaters inundated our community earlier this year, we replaced damaged school supplies and provided clothing, underwear, socks and other essentials to affected families. We exceeded our 2021 goal of 1,500 backpacks and provided school supplies to more than 1,600 children and teens. When children do not have a winter coat or enough winter clothing, we pack a wardrobe of items to keep them warm. This fall, we launched Coats for School and now place a supply of coats inside schools ready and accessible for teachers and social workers to distribute at a moment's notice. When someone lacks menstrual supplies, a baby needs diapers, or a child lacks a toothbrush, we are poised and present. You in-kind donations and kit-building means we have everything on hand, both for the children we serve and their families, through our clothing bags and through distributions to area food pantries, community groups, and schools.

We are here, ready to respond, and serving the community with your generous support, today and every day. Thank you in advance for your financial gift and carrying us forward into 2022!

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