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Backpacks to School

Every child and teen deserves to start the school year ready to learn. The first day of school can be one of joy and excitement for a child. For families living below the poverty level, the cost of a backpack and school supplies can be overwhelming. For children, the first day of school can be stressful as they approach the school door without the tools they need for the year. 


Each summer, with your support, we buy new backpacks and fill them with grade appropriate school supplies for children in pre- kindergarten through high school. Teachers shape our packing lists, ensuring our backpacks have everything a student needs. Every backpack then goes to a specific child, allowing them to start school with confidence.

In 2021, we distributed more than 1,600 backpacks to children in over 30 schools districts. The majority of these children live in communities where 70-80% of children live in poverty or a low-income home.

We welcome and rely on local businesses, community groups and individuals to help raise funds, collect supplies, then pack and distribute the backpacks. To get involved, please email Deborah Blatt, Executive Director, at

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